Mission & Vision


We believe that every child is potentially pine. We need to help them to grow freely in the lap of nature for a holistic development of their personality and creativity. Children should be provided with the right ambience and a very simulative and creative environment for their all-round development.

Our prime goal is to bring forth a balanced brave morally sound well-integrated knowledgeable and skilful human being for future society basing on the glorious socio-spiritual & cultural heritage of India. In the light of Indian philosophy, EDUCATION is the process of attaining liberation from bondages, a journey from ignorance to wisdom, “SA’ VIDYA’ YA’ VIMUKTAYE”. The only remedy of the present social crisis is the spiritualism based courageous moral knowledgeable skilful life of individual with the universal outlook. We are committed to inculcate the super human qualities in children through the practice of yoga exercises and meditation along with their regular scholastic and co-scholastic programs in an intoxication-free moral environment.



To attain the goal we are establishing the Education and Welfare units in different backward corners of the nation. As a part of that to spread the light of Education in the remote and underdeveloped area of Duars the Multifarious Educational Welfare Project has come up with great promise. We encourage the happy blending of Modern Scientific Skilful knowledge and the traditional socio-spiritual Indian culture in Education. Our slogan is “Think for Children! Care for Children!”