LFES Codes

School Uniform


White shirt with half sleeves, bottle green shorts / pants, black belt, black school shoes with white shocks, school tie and badge, bottle green sleeveless woolen V-necked sweater with school emblem and bottle green coat with school emblem.


White shirt with half sleeves, bottle green skirt with knife cut plates, red ribbon, black school shoes with white shocks, school tie and badge, bottle green sleeveless woolen closed V-necked sweater with school emblem and bottle green coat with school emblem.

House Uniform:-

Every Friday and Saturday, students should wear house uniform with white pant or divider skirt and canvas shoes with white / blue / red / yellow T-Shirt.

Scouts & Guides Uniform:-

Every Thursday, student should wear Scouts & Guides uniform to attend the special classes.

Sports Uniform:-

For Sports & Games, students should use navy-blue shorts, sky blue vest, white sports shoes and red shocks in summer; and navy blue truck-suit in winter.

Leave of Absence

Regular attendance is an important factor for the success of pupils. No student should be absent without obtaining prior leave permission. In case of sickness and any other unforeseen circumstances, the guardian should intimate the principal as soon as possible. In case of illness, a medical certificate must be attached along with the leave application. For absence without sufficient and satisfactory reason, the pupil concerned will be charged fine of RS 10 per day of absence. Students, who are absent must bring signature of the guardian in the absence record with justification. A student will not be eligible to appear in the Annual Exam if he / she has not completed minimum 75% attendance.


For the transfer or leaving certificate, the parents / guardians have to apply in writing one month before, and their dues to be settled up to date. Pupils, whose conduct is injurious to the moral of the institution, are liable to removal.

General Rules of Discipline

  1. Students must come to school 15 minutes before the prayer and stand house wise, at the specified area. After prayer all will walk silently to their classes in a queue.
  2. Pupils must take care of the school property as if it’s his / her own and any damage done to the school property needs to be compensated
  3. Mobile Phones, Toys, Books, Periodicals or any other things not needed for study, are not allowed in the school compound.
  4. The school does not take responsibility for the loss of books, money, clothes, lunch-box and other valuables of the students.
  5. Chewing gum, bubble gum, betel nut and pan masala etc. in the school is strictly prohibited for the students as well as the teachers. Outsiders also should not smoke in the school compound. We discourage any sort of intoxication.
  6. Every pupil must bring the school diary daily. Parents/guardians are requested to look into the diary regularly and countersign the remarks.
  7. Pupil should enter home assignment in their school diary and complete the works regularly.
  8. Irregular attendance, indiscipline attitude or any kind of cheating or serious misconduct even outside the school premises or any habit or behavior objectionable to the moral tone of the institute are sufficient reason for dismissal of the pupil.
  9. Pupils should stand up to pay respect to the teachers or any visitor when they enter into the classroom.
  10. Pupil should ask permission from the teacher before going out and coming into the class.
  11. Pupil should keep the school environment neat and tidy. They should not disfigure the walls, scatter bits of paper on the floor and must not spit here and there. They should use dustbin for throwing garbage and wash basic for spiting.
  12. Pupils must be well disciplined, well behaved and well mannered.
  13. Parents and guardians should check the following items when the pupil comes to school:-
  14. Has he/she taken his/her meal or not?
  15. Is he/she he feeling uneasy or not?
  16. Are his/her school uniform, hair, teeth, nails and shoes properly clean or not?
  17. Whether he/she has pencil, copy books, text books, eraser, handkerchief, Tiffin-box and school diary in the school bag or not?
  18. Has he/she prepared home task or not?
  19. Pupils suffering from contagious and infectious diseases shall not be permitted to attend the school.
  20. Parents and guardians are requested to contact only the Principal in the office and not to enter directly to the class-room for any reason.
  21. Parents and guardians are not allowed to see their children or interview teachers during school hours.
  22. Parents should attend every parent meet positively with their valuable suggestion and guidance.
  23. The parents and guardians should keep close contact and happy co-operation with the Principal for all round development of their children. They are requested to meet the Principal personally at least once in a month.
  24. The institution does take case of the students, however under no circumstances the school is responsible for any accident that may occur to students within school or outside. Polite guidance is most welcome.