Home Away from Home

The school has completely isolated boarding facilities for boys & girls under the supervision of trained house master and mistress. It's another home away from home. The environment and the activities scheduled throughout the day is conducive to all round development of the students. Outstation students from the age of five years are allowed to avail hostel facility. Morning and evening Pranayama, P.T., Games, Martial Arts, Yoga, Gymnastic and Riding classes are given by well-trained instructors for physical fitness. Separate balanced diets served for Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian boarders.

  • Students are examined regularly by qualified doctors.
  • Daily morning and evening study coaching by trained teachers
  • Morning and evening yoga and prayer assembly & Svadhyaya for the development of spiritual and moral qualities

So called Naughty, arrogant or stubborn children are treated psychologically in an affectionate manner so as to enable themselves explore their own potential and excel. Special aptitude classes are available on request for the prospective students on Fine Arts, Music, Photography and Computer with internet and multimedia facilities. Discipline is in the beginning and at the end too.

Day Boarding

Students from local area may enjoy Day-Boarding facilities. They will be in the school boarding from 7 A.M. till 7 P.M. in the working days. They will be provided with nutritious food, coaching, games, entertainment & schooling etc. for the whole day in a healthy and moral environment under the guidance of experienced teachers.

Hostel Rules

  1. Parents are not allowed to visit boarder during school hours which disturbs their attention.
  2. Visit your ward only once in a month on the first Sunday in between 10 A.M. to 12 Noon and 2 P.M. to 6 P.M. visiting hours should be strictly followed. Parents/Guardians should not take their children out of the campus during visiting hours.
  3. No cooked food should be supplied to the boarders during visiting hours. Parents/Guardians are allowed to supply only dry imperishable foods to the children once in a month which will be kept in lock and key-arranged box. Extra hot drinks (Horlicks etc.) are allowed for the children.
  4. Parents and guardians are requested not to enter into the student’s dormitory without the written permission of the hostel super-in-ten-dent.
  5. Parents/Guardians are requested to report first to the reception office to meet their wards. They are allowed to meet only their own respective wards but not their boarders to maintain the hostel environment undisturbed.
  6. No pocket money should be given to the boarders. It should be deposited in the office only.
  7. Parents/guardians must report with their wards to the hostel one day before the re-opening day before 6 P.M. after every break. Late comers will be charged RS 100 per day as spot fine.
  8. Only parents and local guardians are allowed to meet their wards. No unauthorized friends or relatives will be allowed to meet the boarders in absence of the parents/guardians or local guardians.
  9. Only the parents and local guardians are allowed to escort their wards at the time of vacation.
  10. Hostel installments should be paid on or before the 5th of every scheduled month.
  11. Defaulters will have to pay RS 100 per month as fine after the due date.
  12. Any fee or charge once paid will not be refundable in any case.
  13. No leave will be granted during or before examination and leave should not be asked for any family functions.
  14. Parents/Gurdians should not hesitate to bring out any kind of problem faced by their wards to the notice of the Hostel Superintendent or the Principal.
  15. Parents/Guardians may speak over telephone to their wards only on Sunday by 8 A.M. to 10 A.M. and 7 P.M. to 8 P.M. Hostellers are allowed to write to their parents or guardians bi-weekly.
  16. Parents/Guardians should go through the Circulars/Letters sent by the hostel authority time to time and respond to them immediately.
  17. No mobile phones and unwanted gadgets allowed in the school campus or in the hostel.